• The Best Provider of
    FBA Logistics Services
    Der beste Anbieter von FBA-Logistikdienstleistungen
  • Hauptbetreiber von Charterflügen zwischen China und Europa
    Major Operator
    of China-Europe
    Charter Flights
  • We are Expert of
    Cross-border E-Commerce
    Logistics and
    Customs Clearance
    Experte für Cross-border E-Commerce
    Logistik und Zollabwicklung

About EES

Europe Ecommerce Services S.R.O. (EES) is a company registered in Prague, Czech Republic. Our main focus is on providing logistics services between China and Europe, including charter flight rotations, FBA transportation services across Europe, customs clearance & last-mile delivery as well as warehousing services. Thanks to our many years of experience in these fields, we can offer superior solutions throughout the international supply chain, helping our customers to reduce costs by maximizing operational efficiency. EES already has got sister companies in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Hong Kong as well as Shanghai, from where our highly skilled team of professional experts service our wide range of customers, while paying special attention to local circumstances and the specific needs of each customer.

EES : Expert of Cross-border E-Commerce Logistics & Customs Clearance

1. FBA Warehouse Delivery Europe

The “FBA Warehouse Delivery Europe” is a logistics product, which was specially developed by EES to serve FBA sellers from China, who want to develop the European e-commerce market. This product offers our customers a complete set of services including air freight transportation through our own charter flights, customs clearance and FBA warehouse delivery, reception and handling of non-accepted parcels as well as relabeling services. Based on EES’s self-developed unique logistics & customs clearance platform, and relying on our highly-skilled team of professional experts as well as our modern 5,000 m² customs-supervised warehouse facilities near Prague Airport, EES has reached a safe and seamless flow of operations across the international supply chain including transportation as well as customs clearance. With our customers’ diverse demands in mind, delivery services across Europe include FBA warehouse deliveries via “Small-Parcel Delivery” and “LTL/ FTL-Delivery”, as well as RFS/T1 bonded transports.

  • The only regular charter flight routing from China to Europe for FBA shipments: Two weekly charter flights with a B747-400 SF from Hong Kong to Prague.
  • Customs brokerage service in Europe: Selected cooperation partner of Czech Customs, ensuring a swift customs clearance within 8 hours for charter flights, when customs declarations information transfer is done prior to arrival of cargo.
  • Official distribution partner of DPD and selected cooperation partner of DHL: DPD parcel deliveries showing tracking information within 12 hours, DHL parcel deliveries within 24 hours upon arrival of aircraft.
  • Localized after-sales services: Sister companies in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and France with experienced staff members familiar with local circumstances.
  • The first integrated FBA logistics and customs clearance platform in China: Self-developed FBA logistics and customs clearance system featuring clear and simple information, 1-click creation of parcel labels and customs documents, thereby minimizing loss of data and avoiding repetition of identical work steps.

2. International Express Delivery

EES has maintained cooperation partnerships with the famous global parcel delivery companies DHL, UPS and DPD for many years, which enables us to make use of these companies’ global networks in order to serve our customers in an even better way. Furthermore, EES has established long-term partnerships with the parcel delivery companies providing the most cost-effective services in each of the major European countries. This enables us to provide our customers with a customized, fast, reliable and price-competitive international express delivery service, while our broad variety of delivery options ensures a high degree of flexibility.

  • High Flexibility: Customized and diverse service offerings according to our customers’ various needs and demands
  • Competitive pricing: Superior price-quality ratio, offering outstanding service quality, while keeping the prices at a low level
  • Stable distribution channels: Long-term, stable cooperation relationships with international parcel delivery service providers; regular charter flights with linked road-feeder services across whole Europe
  • Fully transparent shipments: Shipments trace- & manageable throughout the entire shipment process; savings in time and reduced stress levels for shippers
  • Intuitive platform design: Easy-to-use control surface, One-click creation of parcel shipments

3. Czech Post International Registered Mail Delivery

As a selected cooperation partner for the Chinese market, EES provides certified Registered Mail service of Czech Post to customers in China. Small parcels with a weight of up to 2 kg and measuring up to 90 cm (Length + Height + Width, while longest side must not exceed 60cm) can be delivered from China to destinations around the world. Electronics products containing built-in lithium batteries may also be shipped through this delivery service. With its competitive pricing, fast delivery and excellent overall service quality that once again reveals the superior market standing of EES, the “Czech Post International Registered Mail Delivery” service is a welcome alternative choice for Chinese exporters, who sell their products through the Cross-border E-Commerce channel.

  • Competitive Pricing: Airfreight shipments through self-operated charter flights + Status as a preferred partner of Czech Post leading to a great price-quality ratio for our customers
  • Global delivery: Delivery available to most countries around the world
  • Guaranteed transit times: Swift delivery from Hong Kong to Prague through direct flights, fast onward transportation to destination countries worldwide by Czech Post
  • Transportation of built-in batteries: Electronics with built-in batteries eligible for delivery, giving shippers an additional choice
  • Complete track & trace service: Status updates available upon creation of shipment; followed by continuous track & trace information updates throughout the entire delivery process

4. Customs brokerage services in Czech Republic

As a certified cooperation partner of Czech Customs, EES can offer its customers safe and stable customs brokerage services in Czech Republic. EES can create customized solutions for its customers, which help to reduce import customs costs and minimize the risk factor related to customs clearance. Through its state-of-the-art IT system, which is directly linked to Czech Customs, EES can guarantee an instant and transparent forwarding of customs-related data. The option to submit customs declaration information prior to the arrival of shipments further ensures a fluent, highly-efficient international delivery process.

  • High degree of safety: Direct IT connection to Czech Customs, guaranteeing the safe transmission of customs-related data
  • Guaranteed customs clearance times: Customs-related data transmission prior to arrival of cargo, ensuring a swift customs clearance within 8 hours upon arrival
  • Superior risk control: The whole customs clearance process closely and diligently supervised by Czech Customs, minimizing the associated risk
  • Competent expert team: Professional, local team of experts familiar with Czech customs regulations
  • Software support: Customized software support by outstanding IT experts

5. European Warehousing Services

EES has established overseas warehouses in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and France, with a total combined warehouse area of more than 20,000 m². Thanks to its geographical structure and its broad variety of services offered, EES’s warehouse network can be a favorable choice even for businesses already established in Europe. Our warehouses can serve as your European transfer station: our professional team of experts offers you price-competitive and highly-efficient warehousing services. According to the specific needs of each customer, EES can offer sorting, packing and delivery services out of one hand, thus managing the entire European distribution segments of our customers’ businesses. EES’s warehousing services are designed to reduce logistics costs, while increasing the efficiency of all related processes, thereby helping our customers to develop the European market and raise their international competitiveness.

  • Reduced transit times: Direct delivery from each European warehouse, while catering to the specific local requirements; guaranteeing a quick and seamless delivery process
  • Reduced logistics-related costs: Lower transportation costs through batch delivery to a single overseas warehouse, thereby increasing the price competitiveness of each product
  • Online track & trace: Thorough track & trace system allowing the customers to keep constantly updated about their products’ inventory status, thus increasing efficiency of inventory management
  • Aftersales services and returning of goods: Aftersales service support and quick returning of goods upon request, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Modern security facilities: Professional security equipment, 24-hour camera observation and modern induction alarm system, guaranteeing the utmost degree of safety of customers’ goods

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